Bison Albondigas Soup

albondigas blog

Spring in Texas is fun. One day, we have temps in the mid-90s. The next, it’s in the 60s, with lows in the upper 30s. It’s shorts one day, and the next, you’re dragging out a jacket again to keep off the morning chill. I suppose it could be worse – I know many of…

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Roast Chicken Adobo

roast chicken adobo

It’s no secret that I have a thing for bold, spicy flavors. I blame my Native Texan roots. I mean, when you have access to just about every variety of chile around all the time, how can you not love the punch and character they bring? Especially in big chile-centric dishes such as mole, a…

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Thai Basil Guacamole

basil guacamole

Sometimes, missing an ingredient forces you to think outside the box. For example – I made plans to make beef fajitas/fajita salad (this means fajitas for the hubby, a salad for me) for dinner last night. I marinated the skirt steak the night before, so I was good to go. Or so I thought. When starting my prep…

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Roasted Poblano-Avocado Cream (and Pan-Fried Tilapia)

roasted poblano avocado sauce

Know what this is? Okay, I know I basically already told you, given that the first part of the title for this post is “Roasted Poblano-Avocado Cream”. But it’s more than that. It’s heaven. Creamy, cool, with a gentle, smoky heat, this is bliss. Perfect to serve with grilled chicken, as a dip for crudites, over some…

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