Roasted Poblano-Avocado Cream (and Pan-Fried Tilapia)

roasted poblano avocado sauce

Know what this is? Okay, I know I basically already told you, given that the first part of the title for this post is “Roasted Poblano-Avocado Cream”. But it’s more than that. It’s heaven. Creamy, cool, with a gentle, smoky heat, this is bliss. Perfect to serve with grilled chicken, as a dip for crudites, over some…

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Kids In The Kitchen: Grilled Shark Steak and Dairy-Free “Creamed” Corn

creamed corn

Brandan’s turn in the kitchen always brings an adventure. This one not nearly as “out there” as some of the others (sea cucumber, anyone?), but still new and different. Brandan wanted to cook shark steak. When I asked what he wanted to serve with it, creamed corn was at the top of the list. Creamed…

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Kids in the Kitchen: Pan-Fried Trout and Baked Potatoes

trout and baked potato

In case anyone around here is keeping track, Brandan likes seafood. It’s his first choice for many of his meals. (Squid? Swordfish? Octopus? Brandan’s done it all!) So it comes as no surprise that he chose rainbow trout for this week’s dinner. Personally, I love rainbow trout. It’s a flavorful fish, and high in Omega-3s….

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Blackened Catfish with Cantaloupe Salsa

blackened catfish with cantaloupe salsa 003

Last week, as I was thumbing through the grocery ads, I came across a deal I couldn’t pass up – 4/$1 cantaloupe at my local Sprouts. When I made my visit, I picked up 4 cantaloupe. I came out of the store with a smile on my face. I love cantaloupe. But what was I…

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