Broccoli, Carrot and Lamb Stir-Fry

broccoli beef blog

Are you a big fan of the Chinese take-out staple Broccoli Beef? That simple, yet delicious mix of tender beef strips and broccoli, soaking up a subtly sweet-salty-umami sauce, served over steamed rice is a delicious and popular choice. Of course, if you must follow a gluten-free diet, Chinese take-out is no longer an option,…

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Balsamic Lamb Heart Salad with Creamy Vinaigrette

lamb heart salad

Hold on, hold on…hear me out. I know that titling a blog post with “lamb heart” is likely to instill fear in many readers, or at the very least, cause them to leave and hope that more Ding Dong recipes come their way soon. I promise, I’ll be sure to share more desserts again shortly. I…

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Shepherd’s Pie with Pumpkin Souffle

shepherds pie with pumpkin

Last week, I mentioned on my menu plan that I was going to try a shepherd’s pie with pumpkin. I originally got the idea from Sarah Fragoso’s Everyday Paleo. This is a great book, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading, re-reading, and dabbling in some of the recipe ideas. In her book, Sarah shared a meaty pumpkin souffle that…

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Braised Lamb Shank with Swiss Chard

lamb shank

Have you entered into the drawing yet for a chance to win a copy of Simply Sugar and Gluten-Free by Amy Green? If not, check out the details here. The giveaway is open until midnight April 23, 2011. Last weekend, we finally were able to pick up our long-awaited lamb from Good Earth Organic Farm….

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