Blueberry Breakfast Bread

blueberry breakfast bread

What do you do when you buy a dozen pints of blueberries at once? What, you don’t buy a dozen pints of blueberries? I thought that was a normal thing. I’m actually worried that I need to buy more. I froze most of them so I can have blueberries throughout the year for smoothies and baked…

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Chocolate Protein “Frosty”

protein chocolate frosty

It’s getting warm outside, and you’ve just come inside from an afternoon of soccer games, a run, softball, or even just mowing the lawn. It’s hot, and you want a refreshing treat – something cool, creamy and delicious. But you want a healthier treat. Why not try a Chocolate Protein “Frosty“? It’s easy to whip up and definitely…

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Coconut-Macadamia Banana Bread

banana bread loaf

Who wants to bake banana bread this time of year? It involves turning the oven on, and it’s so warm in the house already. Apparently, I do. I wanted to make a breakfast treat of some sort, and the idea of making more biscuits or muffins just didn’t do it for me. I started rummaging…

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Potato Biscuits


I love biscuits. Like, really, really love them. Let me count the ways: biscuits with butter, with jam, with gravy (especially a good Southern sausage gravy!), with fried chicken, or even for the making of a sausage biscuit sandwich…that’s just the beginning, I’m sure. But good, tender, moist biscuits are hard to come by, especially when…

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