Silk Helped Me “Bloom” When I Was Dairy-Free

When I first went dairy-free to help with digestive issues, it was a major shift. No more butter. No more cheese. No more cream or ice cream, and no more milk for baking, smoothies, or even in my gluten-free cereal. Obviously, over time, I managed. There are some awesome substitutions you can do at home…

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Carrot Cake Cupcakes with Clementine Mascarpone Frosting

carrot cake cupcakes

Sometimes, you just need a treat. Or at least, that’s what I decided this weekend. So I made carrot cake cupcakes. (And subsequently forced them upon my co-ed soccer team. They didn’t seem to mind.) Besides, springtime is coming soon, and what’s more springlike than carrot cake? It’s perfect for Easter, of course, but who…

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Roasted Balsamic Mushrooms, Plus Videos For Veggie Success!

roasted balsamic mushrooms

You’ve made a decision. You want to eat more vegetables. But after eating salads for a few weeks, you’re sick and tired of the same old thing. You want to try a new vegetable, so you browse the produce aisle, and you grab something different. Some spinach. Cabbage. Maybe Brussels sprouts, or some crimini mushrooms….

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Gluten-Free Mythbusters

Myth: Ding-Dongs are a thing of the past on a gluten-free diet (you can make them yourself!) When you’re first starting a gluten-free diet, it can quickly become overwhelming. You have to read labels. You know you can’t eat wheat, barley, oats and rye, but have no idea where to find these ingredients in your…

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