Top 10 Posts of 2013

top 10 2013

It’s time again for the annual Tasty Eats At Home Top 10!

I enjoy these little posts, mostly because I love discovering what was popular over the past year. Often times, it’s not what I would have guessed. Maybe it’s because something just happened to be timely, or maybe it’s the sheer fact that it was a dessert dish (those tend to get a lot of love), but whatever the reasons, it’s fun to dig these up. So in countdown style, here they are: The Top 10 Posts!

candy cane marshmallows

10. Candy Cane Marshmallows – What’s not to love about these? It’s like the holidays meet my favorite candy in the world to make – marshmallows!

coffee ice cream

9. The Best Ice Cream Ever…And It’s Dairy-Free! (Coffee Ice Cream) – This dairy-free ice cream really WAS the best ever. I love coffee ice cream, and this vegan version really hit the spot on a summer day.

blueberry breakfast bread

8. Blueberry Breakfast Bread – I love a good baked good for breakfast, and this bread is no exception. Which reminds me….I still have blueberries in the freezer.

thanksgiving popcorn

7. Apple Pie Spice “Un-Popcorn” – This stuff was devoured at Thanksgiving. I made it corn-free for a family member that can’t tolerate corn, but it was loved by all. It’s an excellent snack.

let go of fear

6. Healing My Digestion and My Relationship with Food – This was one of the hardest posts I’ve ever written, and perhaps among the gluten-free community, one of the most controversial. But in the 5+ years I’ve been blogging, I’ve worked to regain my health, and have struggled in many ways. I’ve finally found a path that is working for me, and felt I should share that there is more than one way to go about your journey towards health.

honey teff bread

5. Honey Teff Bread – It took a long time for me to post this recipe, after many months of tweaking. I love this bread – it holds up to sandwiches and is flavorful and hearty.

ding dongs in a row

4. Grain-Free, Dairy-Free Ding Dongs – These were an amazing amount of fun to make and eat. Yes, there were several steps, but nothing too complicated, and the end result is a gluten-free version of a childhood favorite. Win-win.

pork chop

3. Dijon and Honey Pork Chops – These pork chops remind me that I need to share more super-easy main dish recipes with you. These are a cinch to make, perfect for weeknights, and are pretty darned delicious.

quinoa protein bars

2. Quinoa Protein Breakfast Bars – While these wouldn’t be one of my most-favorite-recipes-ever, they’re tasty and a fun way to add more protein into your breakfast. They’re also excellent for meals on the go!

peanut butter chocolate crispy bars

1. Peanut Butter Chocolate Crispy Squares – I can easily see why these were well-liked. They’re simple to make, and combine two favorites – peanut butter and chocolate – in epic fashion. (My favorite part? They came to be simply because I wanted to use up some Chex.) They might just be my #1 easy sweet treat of the year, too!

Thank you all for being part of this blog and my life in 2013. It’s been a great year. Wishing you and your family an even more amazing 2014!

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