Review and Giveaway: Against All Grain by Danielle Walker

UPDATE: This giveaway has ended. The winner is Donna F. Congrats, Donna! If you didn’t win, but wish to get a copy of this book, here are some ways you can purchase your copy!

Last fall, Danielle of Against All Grain contacted me, asking if I’d help her out while she was writing her new book. I’d followed her blog for some time (okay, it was more like ogling all of her gorgeous photos and tasty-looking recipes), so I was more than happy to help. Along with a ton of other bloggers, I wrote a guest post for her. It was small potatoes compared to what she was putting together. This book was bound to be epic.

And now, almost a year later, Danielle has realized her dream. Her book was released on July 30th in the United States, and she’s been touring all around the country, busy with book signings and all sorts of appearances. While I can’t possibly imagine how insane that must be (although seeing her frequent Instagram posts gives you an idea), I can imagine how tasty the recipes she has created just by browsing through this book.

Of course, after making some of them, I no longer even have to imagine. For instance – her Real Deal Chocolate Chip Cookies (page 258). They’re grain-free, but still that lovely, slightly soft texture with a perfect level of sweetness. Excellent for tucking into a lunchbox for a treat.

And then there are her Fruit Juice Gelatin Shapes (page 214). These were possibly one of my favorites. They’re easy, and they’re a great way to get a bit of gelatin into your daily life (or into your kids). In fact, I’ve been making them on a weekly basis – sometimes with all juice, and sometimes with a mix of herbal tea and juice. I love them as a quick pre-workout snack when it’s too early for me to manage much more to eat.

Danielle has shared many more amazing-looking recipes in this book: Marinated Artichoke Hearts, Seafood, Chorizo, and Chicken Paella, and N’Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, just to name a few. And of course, all of the photos are simply gorgeous.

Want to win a copy of Against All Grain by Danielle Walker? This week, I’ll be giving away one copy to a lucky winner!

How to enter:

This giveaway is open to anyone 18 years of age and over, and a resident of US or Canada.

This giveaway will end on Saturday, September 21, at 11:59pm CT.

Best of luck to you all!


  1. Miriam Kearney says

    Since I’ve gone grain free, almost anything made with almond flour wins my vote but I have also grown fond of a muffin I make with flax seed, apple and egg (no flour at all.) I’m getting ready to remove all starches from my diet so this particular muffin fits right in. Love your blog.

  2. says

    My favorite grain-free treats are macaroons like Hail Merry macaroons, or homemade versions :)

    My husband would LOVE this book, so I am entering the giveaway in hopes to win it for him :) That said, the book has several vegan recipes which I am also excited to try.

  3. Diane Fuchs says

    I just “liked” Against All Grain on Facebook. I was pleasantly surprised to see that my daughter is already following the page! Please enter me in your contest!

  4. Michaela says

    I really enjoy baking with almond and coconut flours. I prefer the taste and texture that these grain-free baked goods have.

  5. Renee says

    My favorite grain free recipe is a banana almond butter banana muffin. I can’t remember what website I found it on but I got it on the internet-of course. It’s made with very little coconut flour and a lot of almond butter and cinnamon. Love , love it! But would like some other recipes to add to my repertoire for grain free meals. Renee

  6. Elaine L says

    My favorite right now are the Hail Merry chocolate macaroons! Would love the cookbook for the no grain ideas. I’ve been gluten free ow for a while, but I am thinking of going paleo. This looks like a great starter cookbook!

  7. Michelle says

    Paleo banana bread made with almond flour, one of the 3 reasons I over buy bananas (protein shakes and banana PB cookies are 2 and 3)!!

  8. Susan Kaltenbach says

    Anything with Chocolate Chips! And I especially love almond flour in recipes! Thanks for giving us all this chance to win such a wonderful sounding cookbook!

  9. Karen says

    Guilty pleasure is Theo 70% Dark Chocolate with cherries and almonds…. Home made treat is a version of pecan tassies I created that uses almond flour crust. I make them as bars, well squares….to lazy to do the little molded crusts. LOL. And for savory, I love Elana’s “Nutty Bread” or “Sandwich Bread” either just toasted or as French toast or grilled cheese….

  10. Tori says

    Me and my kids love her rosemary raisin crackers. I put a little bit of grass-fed/pastured goat cheese on them, for a treat. I’m following Against the Grain on Facebook. Sharing/tagging this on Facebook and Twitter now.

  11. says

    First entry: Macaroons! Love the ease of the recipe apart from the grain-free goodness, its such a great treat!

    Second entry: I follow Against All Grain on FB

    Third entry: Followed AAG on Twitter

  12. Kim T says

    New to the gluten free world and have found some wonderful blogs and books, love Against all Grain Facebook postings. Haven’t got around to purchasing Danielle’s book yet, so would love to win it.

  13. Alicia B. says

    I LOVE her Cardamon Thumbprint Cookies with Vanilla Cream Filling. It doesn’t contain almond flour, so it is a nice change from a lot of other things I have seen.

  14. Krystal says

    I fllow Against All Grain on Facebook and my favorite grain free treat is chocolate chip cookies. I just started this lifestyle so I haven’t had a lot of recipe experience yet, but would love to see what all recipes are in her book!

  15. Susan Dake says

    I already follow Against All Grains on FB. I have recently purchased the book on my Kindle, but would love to have a hard copy of it!
    I look forward to trying just about everything in this book!! I am going to be trying the world-famous sandwich bread this week. I have tried many other grain free breads and I can’t find one that my son will eat….I am hopeful this one will work, I have been trying to get my son grain free, but need a bread substitute!

  16. Cynthia K says

    I have recently started making Chocolate Chip cookies with almond flour. Love them! I have seen this cookbook at the local public library and would love to have it for my own since my daughter was recently diagnosed with celiac disease and we are navigating uncharted territories with her in college – not the best place to try to adapt to a GF lifestyle!

  17. Kim says

    I follow Against all Grain on facebook and my favourite grain free treat is chocolate macaroons! I hope I win – everything I’ve heard about this book is great! If I don’t win it will be going on my Christmas wish list for sure.

  18. Julianne Blaha says

    I follow Against All Grain on facebook! I also just love any treat made with coconut flour! I just got my babycakes doughnut maker and I am going to be making the Caramel Glazed Doughnuts this afternoon and I am stoked! I’m sure it will be a favorite!

  19. Christine says

    My favorite grain-free treat is against all grain’s real deal choc chip cookies!
    I follow AAG on FB and Twitter.
    I’ve shared the giveaway on both FB and Twitter.

    Thanks so much for the giveaway Alta, and of course for your always awesome recipes!

    paleo love,

  20. Kristine says

    I am about to embark on this new eating lifestyle, so I need a lot of help with grain-free snacks! Currently, I choose hard-boiled eggs or almonds.

  21. SHAUNNE says

    This is all very very new to me; a week. I am trying to figure it all out and it’s a lot to take in and learn. I am impatiently waiting for my almond flour to arrive so I can begin. It’s been a long year trying to find the cause of my health issues so on the way to recovery. Thank you to those who share their experiences so the rest of us can learn the way to health.

  22. Tiffany says

    Grain free chocolate chip cookies are my favorite gluten free treat.

    I follow Tasty Eats at home and Against all grain on facebook.

    I follow Against all grain on twitter.

    I shared.

  23. says

    I follow Against All Grain on Facebook. I also shared your giveaway on Facebook, while tagging both of you as you wish. My favorite grain-free recipe: organic potato and grass-fed, organic hamburger casserole – hearty for the whole family; with leftovers to freeze for a quick second dinner. Thank you for allowing me these 3 entries and for promoting this book!

  24. says

    I follow AAG on FB, and shared the giveaway on FB as well. My favorite grain-free recipes are dinner ideas where I get to freeze some for quick-second dinners! Organic potato and grass-fed organic hamburger casserole is a good one!

  25. Jennifer says

    I enjoy coconut flour muffins and change them up all the time. This week, I made apple cinnamon ones and my family is loving them.

  26. says

    I just started following you on facebook several days ago. Because of my husband’s health issues, I am anxious to try recipes from your cookbook. Quality of health is so important and I feel the no grains diet is one important way to keep healthy. Thank you in advance for all of your postings.

  27. Gen says

    My favorite grain free treat is garbanzo beans sprinkled with balsamic vinegar and parmesan cheese. Also, following Against all Grain on Facebook. Love it!

  28. Teresa says

    Following Against All Grain and Tasty Eats at Home on Facebook and Twitter! Tagged Against All Grain and Tasty Eats at Home on Facebook and Twitter!

  29. Cheryl O says

    I’ve only started learning about grain-free in the last 24-36 hours, so I do not have a favorite recipe yet. It will be fun to discover what it is!

  30. Laura M says

    Generally speaking, anything involving chocolate!! :-) With Fall almost here, though, I am looking forward to things made with pumpkin!

    I have been a fan of Against All Grain for awhile, sad I missed her when she came to Denver!

  31. says

    I forgot to mention, I just saw a fruit gelatin recipe online – so awesome!

    Also, is this book dairy-free? Some paleo seem not to be, so I wanted to double check. Thanks Alta!

  32. Marilyn says

    I love grain free chocolate chip cookies the most ’cause I really missed them when I fisrt started. I need to learn how to make grain-free bread. I miss that, too.

  33. Nicole says

    I have not gone grain free yet, but have been eyeballing this book for 2 weeks now! I’m afraid to take the plunge, but eager to be fit & healthy! I already follow against all grain on Facebook

  34. Camille Everett says

    My new favorite is the Against All Grain’s Real Deal Chocolate Chip Cookies! I made them tonight & my goodness, they’re delicious!! I only had very little chocolate on hand though, so I added some crushed roasted cashews to make up for it. So yummy!!

  35. Kimberly Bontrager says

    I love your real deal chocolate chip cookies – my daughter pre-ordered your cookbook and baked them the day it arrived! Following you on Facebook and sharing this giveaway. Thank you!

  36. Michele says

    I think my favorite grain free item is almond donuts. It creates a feeling of indulgence for my family while still providing wonderful nutrition .

  37. kitblu says

    I make a 12-inch ‘pancake’ with besan (chckpea flour), onion, garlic and hot peppers. I cut wedges, like pizza. It is good straight from the oven, at room temperature or out of the fridge. It is called Socca and is a French recipe.


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