Review: Beyond Bacon: Paleo Recipes That Respect The Whole Hog

When Stacy and Matt of Paleo Parents contacted me about their latest book Beyond Bacon: Paleo Recipes That Respect The Whole Hog, I was excited. I’d already reviewed their first book, Eat Like A Dinosaur, and loved it. Stacey and Matt definitely take the time to really understand their stuff, and it shows. So for a while now, I’ve been chomping at the bit to see their newest creation, especially after following them on Instagram. They kept sharing amazing photos of their recipe testing. It was torturous, and yet exciting at the same time. I knew well in advance, for example, that there were some recipes in this book I would just HAVE to try. Head cheese. Porcetta. I mean, how could you not just already be in love?

Well the book arrived, and unfortunately, I was down to nearly nothing as far as my pork “stash” was concerned. I had purchased a quarter of a pig earlier in the year, and it was so tasty that we went through it all too quickly. All that was left was a package of pork chops. Don’t worry – I’ve placed another order with the farmer (who really isn’t more than a kid – he’s just graduated high school and is raising pastured pigs to help fund for college.) and will get it in September. At that time, you better believe that head cheese will be made. But in an effort to share the wonder that is this book with you in a more timely manner, I opted to go with the pork I had – some beautiful pastured bone-in chops.

 I opted to go for their Perfect Pork Chops, which were super-easy and not all that unlike my recipe for Perfect Lamb Chops. I love the way chops taste when cooked in a cast iron skillet, with their slightly crispy little bits and edges, the depth of flavor added by the browning, and the juiciness of the meat. I love that this is another simple, foolproof way to prepare them. With a bit of garlic and paprika and a nice little visit in my pan, these babies were full of flavor. Perfect was indeed the “perfect” name for them.

I can’t wait to make more from this book. I have some lard in my freezer that’s just waiting to be rendered (yep, they teach you how to do that too!) and then I’ll be making desserts. With lard. Pork knows no bounds, I tell you.

You can purchase a copy of Beyond Bacon either for Kindle or a hardcover. I have the hardcover copy, and it’s a truly gorgeous book. One that will grace my bookshelf (when it’s not on my kitchen counter) for years to come.


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