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Okay, so here goes. Our kitchen remodel. We didn’t have a huge budget, and we didn’t want to do anything drastic. Just wanted some updating, and anything we could do to make it feel more luxurious, clean, bright, and open. I have a small, galley-style kitchen, so anything that could be done to make it feel more spacious is a plus. All I really knew going into this was that I wanted granite countertops. But after some consulting, we opted to paint the cabinets, replace the countertops (adding a bar area, which I’ll show in a bit), and install a backsplash. There will be more renovations in the future (I want a new light fixture, for instance), but the majority of the work is complete. So without further adieu, here we go!


As I mentioned before, the kitchen is galley style. The cabinets were a warm oak stain (which goes with NOTHING in the house – most everything I have is either black, dark, or cherry stain), and the countertops were a cream-colored laminate – something I strongly dislike for the sheer fact that I was constantly having to apply bleach because I’d stain it with things like turmeric or beet juice. Here is the side of the kitchen with the stove.

And if you turn around 180 degrees, you’ll see the side with the sink, dishwasher, and an open ledge area that opens into our living room. That ledge was kind of annoying. It wasn’t wide enough to be considered a bar, so we couldn’t sit and eat there. It basically was just a good place to stash stuff. I typically had a few baskets of vegetables, plus other random things that somehow didn’t have a home. It collected clutter. I hate clutter.

Here it is from the other end. See, not a lot of space. That’s my huge spice rack in the foreground, and yep, that’s a moving doggie butt at the bottom left. Also at the other end of the kitchen is our breakfast table, covered in stuff (I’d just removed everything from all of the cabinets, so other parts of the house were starting to look like an episode of Hoarders). Please ignore the mess.

This is the view standing in the living room, looking into the kitchen. Again, there’s the weird, mostly useless ledge. And an ugly light fixture that we’ll someday replace. THE AFTER:

 All in all, this transformation took about a week. Which was AWESOME – I feel for all you people that spend months out of your kitchen. I am not sure I could manage. We emptied the kitchen on a Wednesday night. Thursday, they primed the cabinets. Friday, they painted. The following Tuesday, they installed the countertops (and that night, hubby installed the faucet, and we installed the new garbage disposal), and Wednesday they installed the backsplash. I did some paint touchup Thursday, and put everything back into the cabinets. It was a whirlwind affair, and I couldn’t be happier. Here it is:

Here is the stove side again. The cabinets are painted a Hazelnut Cream. The countertops are Ubatuba, which is a dark green granite. It really looks black, but I loved the subtle differences in colors. The backsplash is a mosaic mixture of glass and natural stone tiles.

Here’s the opposite side again. Notice the fancy new faucet, and the deeper sink? I am in love. The faucet has a pull-out sprayer, and I can fit the deepest pots and even my Vitamix blender in the sink without difficulty. I also feel like there’s more space (which is crazy). And oh, that backsplash. Love it. Also, you can see that we replaced the funky ledge with a bar.

Another view, this one from the living room looking in. There’s that bar we longed for. No longer is the ledge a semi-useless thing. We now have a decent-sized slab of granite on top, and can pull up a few barstools. People can actually sit there. We’ve since gotten rid of the barstools in this photo and replaced them with these, which take up less space and look sleeker, in my opinion. It’s a win for sure.

Overall, as I’ve expressed already, I couldn’t be happier. After all, I spend most of my “at home” time (well, the time I’m not sleeping) in the kitchen. We wanted it to be a beautiful space, and it is. It also feels cleaner and brighter, and I love that the counters wipe down so easily. There will still be some tweaks and improvements here and there, I’m sure, but the hard work is done.

So, there it is! What do you think? Have you ever gone through a kitchen remodel? Tell your stories!


  1. says

    WOW! What a difference and so beautiful! Who needs a contractor when you and John are at the helm. Just amazing! I love it all and I’m sure you do, too. Congrats on a job very well done!

  2. says

    Oh my gosh, I love the new look. Wow, those cabinets look amazing and brand new. I’m stealing that idea for our kitchen redo (so we can sell our house). I also love the colors. Light cabinets and dark countertops. It’s beautiful. And that salmon-ish color on the wall with the dark countertop (bar area) is gorgeous. Are those real candles on the sconces? It’s all great. Good job!

    • altawrites says

      Melissa – I think this is the way to go when selling a house – they don’t look exactly brand new when you get up close, but they’re way cheaper than getting new cabinets and I still love it. I had to go back and look at my photos when you mentioned salmon-ish color – I think that’s just the way the pic turned out! All my walls are a gold/yellow kind of color. And yes, real candles on the sconces – never been lit. My sis gave them to us when we moved in. :) Thank you!!

  3. says

    Wow, Alta – gorgeous! Isn’t it fun to come into this “new” room every day? I bet your food will even taste better! 😉

  4. says

    I love everything you guys did, Alta! Honestly, I will probably never re-do my kitchen. I pretty much like it as it is, don’t care enough to change the few things that I’d change, and I’ve found I am so sensitive to paint, chemicals, etc. these days that a remodel would likely do me in. (Seriously. We just had our bathroom painted and it was a major ordeal for me.) But I do love your new kitchen and am so glad you shared with us! :-)


  5. says

    Fantastic job. I think you did a remarkable transformation without making any huge major changes. The new kitchen is gorgeous.

  6. Deb says

    That is beautiful! It is similar to what we are planning, next year. This year”s budget was blown on hardwood floors already. :).

    I have a question for you: in your opinion, what is best, a double sink or one large one? It looks like you put in two. I love the, look of one, but think it will be a pain in the butt? I seem to always have something going on in one side and then the other side is needed for something else equally important! Although it would be nice to clean a roaster flat, and not in sections like I do now lol

    • altawrites says

      Deb – I’ve never had a single sink before. I contemplated it, but I often am doing two things at once, so I really need that separation.

  7. Melissa says

    Lovely, just lovely. I really like the blacksplash, with the varigated tiles. The curvey bar makes it look so natural. Great job.

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