Top 12 Recipes of 2012

Well, ladies and gentleman, we’re about to close out another year. 2012 has definitely been a year full of adventure and activities. For one, The Balanced Platter, of which I am a contributing editor, launched. It grew immensely and will continue to grow as a valuable resource for healthy and allergen-free living. I also discovered that canned salmon is not only edible, but can actually be tasty! (I continue to buy it and eat it regularly – it’s an inexpensive way to get good protein and omega-3s!) I also have been focusing all year on balance, body image, and celebrating appreciation for my body and what it can do (which is a continuous work in progress). In May, Domino’s came out with a (not-so) gluten-free pizza crust, and the gluten-free community was definitely up in arms about this topic. Good thing we have alternatives: for instance, Local Oven really took off in the Dallas area (and beyond) with their gluten-free baked goods, available in many groceries and restaurants. I had the biggest bumper crop of peppers in my garden this year, and made lots of roasted chile salsa (among other things). I also learned to sprout buckwheat, and so made granola. And of course, Simply Gluten-Free Magazine launched this year as well, which is currently my favorite gluten-free magazine of all time.

Definitely an adventure-packed year! And Tasty Eats At Home definitely had some highs this year as well. To celebrate the close of this year, and the start of 2013, here are the Top 12 (as in, most visited) recipes of 2012.

Sitting at #12 is a delicious-but-super-easy pizza idea – Portobello Mushroom Pizza. It’s not only gluten-free, it’s even paleo. Did I mention it’s easy? Because it really is.

Number #11 kind of surprises me, because it’s such a rustic, no-frills dish. But who am I to judge – sometimes, comfort is king! Creamy Chicken and Vegetable Stew is perfect for a winter day (and when you want to clean out the fridge!).

There was a bit of a black walnut theme this year (I also made Black Walnut Cookies). #10 is a unique cake made with wine and chocolate – Chocolate Black Walnut Cake (with two kinds of grapes).

Number #9 is the only breakfast recipe to make the Top 12, and with good reason. This fall was the season of much pumpkin, maple and pecan, and these Quinoa Pumpkin Donuts with Maple Pecan Glaze definitely showcased all of those flavors!

When it heats up in Texas, I take to the grill. These Vegan Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms, coming in at #8, were a perfect meal that causes no heating up of the kitchen.

Number #7 was one of my favorite treats of summer – these healthier Peach Popsicles!

If you miss sweet breads and are on a grain-free or paleo diet, this Cinnamon Raisin Walnut Bread made with almond butter is sure to please, and came in at #6.

Have a sweet tooth, but want a healthier treat? How about #5: Peanut Butter Brown Rice Crispy Treats?

If you crave hummus but can’t do beans, my #4 top recipe, Chipotle Butternut Dip, is a sure winner!

The third from the top was something I’d made at the request of a coworker, and it was such a hit, I had to share: Strawberry “Cheesecake” with Almond-Macadamia Crust.

Number #2 is another favorite of mine, posted back in 2010. I make this quite frequently (although nowadays, I tend to use much less liquid – maybe a cup or so total is plenty!) and it’s always a hit. Meet my Slow Cooker Pot Roast!

The #1 favorite is actually a recipe posted in 2011, but continues to be a favorite of mine (and apparently, all of you!) – Quinoa Pizza Crust!

Thank you so much for making 2012 here at Tasty Eats At Home such a success. So now, I ask you: What would you like to see in 2013 on Tasty Eats At Home? Please leave me ideas in the comments below – I’d love to hear from you!

Here’s hoping you and yours have a splendid 2013! Happy New Year!


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    Congrats on a fabulously busy and fulfilling year Alta! This is an incredible round-up. I really need to try that Walnut Bread. It’s totally calling my name :) Happy 2013!!!!!

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