Adopt A Gluten-Free Blogger: Hope For Healing

This month, Adopt A Gluten-Free Blogger, the fun little blog event created by Book of Yum, is being hosted over at Enjoying Gluten-Free Life. I’m glad to be participating again this month – I always love adopting a gluten-free blogger and learning more about them through their recipes!

I adopted Stephanie of Hope For Healing this time around. I’ve followed her blog for a few years now, as she always manages to post some delicious gluten-free, healthy dessert and baking recipes. Like this strawberry custard pie she just put up the other day? Oh, my, gonna have to add that to the “must try” list! It looks so cool and creamy.

Anyway, Stephanie and I share similar experiences when it comes to how we eat today and why. She doesn’t have celiac disease, however, she experienced a lot of the same ailments I did before going gluten-free: fatigue, brain fog, stomachaches, etc. She since has turned to a gluten-free, healthier diet to find a place of healing and health. Since then, she became a Holistic Health Counselor, and helps others with digestive ailments find health again through food. Stephanie shares her story on her blog.

I love the way she approaches cooking and baking. Sometimes, it stems from a need to use leftovers (well, in my mind, cooked quinoa is leftovers), like with this Quinoa Protein Bread. I’m all about using leftovers! But overall, I love that she uses whole gluten-free grains, unrefined sweeteners, and yummy nuts, seeds, and coconut. All things I love to play with in the kitchen! I had to narrow down the list though – there were so many of her recipes I was dying to try.

First on the final list: I chose to make her Blueberry Cornbread (shown above). A sweeter cornbread, mixed with other whole grain gluten-free flours, plus blueberries? Yum. And it was. It’s a perfect, subtly sweet breakfast “cake” that was delicious with coffee. Our youngest, Brittany, really enjoyed it as well.

Another recipe that made it to the final list was her Cashew Summer Granola. I love, love LOVE making granolas. I also had quite a few cashews around. So I threw this together, subbing regular raisins for golden, but otherwise keeping the recipe in tact. It was delicious – I especially love the maple syrup. Perfect for on-the-go snacking.

I also realized, when going through her Recipe Index, that I’ve made her Stevia-sweetened Lemonade before. Last year, I attempted to grow a stevia plant, and so I used some of the leaves for this purpose. It’s a lovely, lighter (read: less sticky) beverage, perfect for hot summers.

There are so many more delicious treats I would love to make. Stephanie’s definitely a genius in the baking department, and I’d love to spend an afternoon snacking on one of the many treats I’m sure she’d be baking up!



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    I’ve put her strawberry custard pie on my list too! I also love having ways to use leftovers and her quinoa looks perfect for that. (And it disguises quinoa which isn’t my husband’s fave but I like. :)

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    Alta- You are too sweet! Thanks for the blog love and kind words! So glad to have so many people that are “like” us… it makes us feel less weird when it comes to our food choices. Hope you and your family are having a wonderful summer thus far! Much love!

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    I’ve been cooking gluten free for so long, I don’t even consider myself a “Gluten Free Blogger”, but, like you, I find inspiration in the dozens (or perhaps HUNDREDS) of gluten free bloggers online. I like the adoption idea.

    • altawrites says

      A Table In The Sun – I know how you feel sometimes – I don’t think my cooking is “specialty” anymore, until I remember to look back at the general population and realize that that’s not the case. :) I do love discovering how everyone cooks around their food intolerances, or just to cook healthy meals. :) Since you have a “Gluten-Free” category on your website, you’re welcome to join in! All you have to do is comment on the host’s blog and choose another blogger to “adopt”. I’ll be hosting in August, so feel free to check back!

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    I love Stephanie! I think she might have been the first blogger I adopted. Week after week, I always have to check out what she’s making because we seem to have the same taste :)


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