Broccoli “Cheese” Souffle over at Go Dairy Free

I am sharing my recipe for a dairy-free broccoli “cheese” souffle at Go Dairy Free today! If you’re not familiar with Go Dairy Free, I highly recommend you check it out! When I first went dairy-free back in July 2010, I wasn’t sure exactly what to look for to ensure I was eating entirely dairy-free, and even more concerning – how could I still have ice cream and cheese? Alisa Fleming, the founder of Go Dairy Free (and the author of the book by the same name – which I own and refer to all the time) shares wonderful tips and recipes that are entirely free of dairy, and many are vegan to boot. This site and her book are both a wealth of dairy-free information.

Anyway, if you’re just waiting for the souffle recipe, head on over and check it out!


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