Adopt A Gluten-Free Blogger: Kalinda of Wheat Free Meat Free

It’s time for Adopt A Gluten-Free Blogger again! If you’re not familiar, Adopt A Gluten-Free Blogger is a monthly event created by Sea at Book of Yum, designed so that those of us that blog gluten-free can spend a bit more time getting to know one another and recreate our recipes. This month, I adopted Kalinda (and Mike!) of the awesome Wheat Free Meat Free blog. Kalinda is pretty awesome. She is neither gluten-free nor vegetarian, but she lovingly cooks for her gluten-free, vegetarian husband Mike. Mike also occasionally blogs (he has appeared to share yummy recipes such as this banana pizza) but most of the time, it’s Kalinda’s voice behind the words you read.

I’ve followed Wheat Free Meat Free for some time. While we’re not vegetarian in our home, I really enjoy vegetarian cooking. It seems that vegetarian fare is often more creative than omnivorous fare in that vegetables are highlighted and featured in a lot of unique ways. A great deal of traditional American meals are centered around the meat or protein, with little thought to the vegetables. It’s fun to rearrange and sometimes even break those rules, and Kalinda definitely does that in her innovative recipes.

For example, take this dish of braised celery. I never would have thought to braise celery in my life. But long before I considered adopting Wheat Free Meat Free, I made this dish. It intrigued me so much, I couldn’t get it out of my head. Turns out, braising celery takes it to another dimension. Buttery, tender, and totally different than any celery dish you’ve encountered before. I really enjoyed it.

Or take this brussels sprouts dish with a lovely mustardy sauce (pictured above). I know there are a lot of brussels sprouts haters out in the world. Truthfully, I am not one of them – I actually enjoy brussels sprouts. But this recipe might just make a convert out of some people. My husband even didn’t mind the flavors, and he’s on the “no brussels sprouts” side of the fence.

Another unique, but winning combination? Dill pickle soup. I don’t have a photo of this, unfortunately, as I also made it before I adopted Kalinda (but check out the photo on the link to the soup recipe – it’s gorgeous). Brittany, my stepdaughter, loves pickles. There is a gigantic jar in the fridge full of pickles just for her. She’s even been into drinking a bit of the juice from time to time. Now, that’s too much for me, but she really thinks it’s the greatest. So when I saw this recipe for dill pickle soup, I knew we just had to try it. I couldn’t wrap my brain around the combination of flavors, but when it was in the pot, ready to be served, everything just worked. It was a delicious soup that Brittany really enjoyed (I did too). She happily carted home leftovers!

And this bok choy and bell pepper stir-fry, while not quite as “out there” in my mind (maybe because I like to stir-fry everything!), was just as delicious. I didn’t include the bamboo shoots (forgot to pick some up at the store), but it was full of lovely ginger and garlic, making it craveable and delicious. She says it serves 3-4 people. I polished the entire dish off in two meals. Yes, I am a bit of a glutton for yummy veggies!

Wheat Free Meat Free gives back too, which I also love. Kalinda hosts an awesome vegetarian, gluten-free roundup on a weekly basis, highlighting other great blogger recipes. She’s been kind enough to even include some of my recipes in her roundup!

Head on over to Wheat Free Meat Free to check out even more delicious recipes, like Kale Apple Shiitake Risotto, 3 Musketeers Pancakes, or Avocado Pie (drool!).




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    What a terrific job on this adoption of Kalinda, Alta! You did a really comprehensive job. :-) I, too, thoroughly enjoy Kalinda’s blog, her recipes, and weekly roundups. That stir fry looks especially yummy. I’d have to have the bamboo shoots though … love those! Interestingly enough, I have an over abundance of celery right now, so I need to get on that braised celery. The only thing unusual that I’ve ever braised was Julia Child’s braised cucumbers. They were much like you described the celery. Surprisingly good in the difference in their taste and texture. 😉


    • altawrites says

      Shirley – Braised cucumbers…interesting! Thanks for stopping by. :)

      Kalinda – You’re most welcome! Honestly, I may never have tried that dill pickle soup if it weren’t for my stepdaughter. But I’m glad I did! It was really tasty. And the site was redone only about a month ago, so you’re not missing anything. I didn’t really “announce” it per se – I made some comment on Facebook about “issues” when the transition was happening, but that’s about it. Thanks for the praise on the logo – I like it too!

  2. says

    Oh wow, what a generous review! I love your picture of the bok choy and bell pepper stir-fry. And I’m really excited you tried the dill pickle soup. It’s one of my favorite creations. It’s certainly one of those polarizing dishes, people either think it’s the most disgusting thing they’ve heard of, or they think it’s amazing. Mike is very amused that you highlighted his banana pizza.

    Also, did I miss an announcement that you redid your site. (Please tell me this didn’t happen 6 months ago or something.) I love the new logo. The perils of living in Google Reader land.

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    Alta, what a great review of Kalinda! I love her recipes and now I really am interested in the braised celery. I have braised fennel like that before, but celery would be a fun treat. We are not really vegetarians either, but I love using as many veggies in my meals as possible!

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