Probiotic Beet and Almond Truffles – Attune Foods Chocolate Probiotic Bars

My dear friend Amy of Simply Sugar and Gluten-Free is a brand ambassador for Attune Foods, and a few weeks ago, she graciously asked me if I would mind reviewing some of their products. They offer quite a few gluten and dairy-free products (like Crispy Brown Rice Cereal or Corn Flakes), but what I was asked to review was possibly the most intriguing, exciting product they have – a Probiotic Chocolate Bar.

Now, mind you, I have no problem having a nice, high-quality chocolate bar stashed away in my refrigerator, just so I can nibble on it now and then when the chocolate craving strikes (and it strikes a lot!). And we always hear that chocolate has positive health benefits. But now, I have one more little reason to indulge (as if I needed an excuse)!

So when my sample arrived, the first thing I did was just enjoy a bar of the chocolate, unadulterated and pure. It was creamy and not-to-sweet, just the way I like it. Honestly, I could have polished off the rest of the box in a similar manner over the following week, if it weren’t for my commitment to post a review. You see, I wanted to share my thoughts about these bars not only just as they were, but I also wanted to play with them a bit, to see if I could create a delicious, healthier treat with the chocolate. I’d have to make something that didn’t require heating the chocolate, or else I’d kill the probiotic cultures. So I opted to go for the ever-popular “truffle”.

I’ve made healthy truffles before and have shared them here – have you seen my pecan pie or pistachio sesame truffles? How about the chocolate cherry ones? While those are all full of whole, natural ingredients, I thought I’d sneak in even more little healthy morsels of goodness in these truffles.

So, yes, my friends, I threw in beets. And spinach. In a dessert.

Now, before you click away, let me explain. These don’t taste like vegetables. Not in the slightest. The beet turns the inside a lovely pink-red color (think red velvet cake), but the spinach is invisible here, as is the earthy taste of both of these ingredients. What you taste is a lovely mix of almonds, chocolate, a faint hint of strawberries, and a nice, not over-the-top sweetness. You could totally feed these to any crowd and they’d be none the wiser. They’re a delicious little bite, perfect for curbing that little craving for a taste of something sweet.

So I encourage you to give these chocolate probiotic bars a try. Indulge your chocolate sweet tooth by enjoying one (or two) by themselves. They’re a delicious little treat. But once you’ve done that, try these truffles. I think you’ll be pleasantly delighted.

Probiotic Beet and Almond Truffles (Gluten-Free, Vegan)

1 medium beet

1 1/2 c almonds

1 T cocoa powder (plus more for rolling)

1/4 c packed spinach leaves

1/4 c strawberries (I used frozen and thawed them)

6 pitted Medjool dates

1 t vanilla extract

1/4 t kosher salt

1 T coconut flour

1/4 t stevia extract (optional)

2 Attune Foods Probiotic chocolate bars, chopped

Peel the beet and cut into slices. Steam or boil beet slices until tender enough to be easily pierced with a fork. Puree the beet in a food processor or blender, scraping down the sides as needed. Portion out 2 tablespoons of the beet puree, and set aside the remainder for another use (this puree is gorgeous and tasty in a smoothie!).

In the bowl of a food processor, add almonds and process until they are crumbs. Add beet puree, cocoa powder, spinach leaves, strawberries and dates, and puree until the consistency is somewhat uniform and no large chunks remain. Add vanilla extract, salt, coconut flour, and stevia and process again until incorporated. Add chocolate bars and process once more to incorporate those as well.

Using a tablespoon, measure out even portions of the truffle “dough” (it should be stiff but a bit sticky) and roll into a ball between your palms. Roll into a bit of cocoa powder. Repeat with remaining truffle “dough”. Refrigerate until firm.




  1. says

    Honestly, I would call these, without even having tried them yet (and be assured, I will!!!), award-winning truffles. They look fantastic. Recipes like this prove that it’s totally possible to eat healthy foods that are over-the-top delicious. Thanks for sharing. LOVE the new look of your blog Alta!!!

  2. says

    I TRIED THESE TONIGHT! WOW! The flavor is so amazing! Kind of like a chocolate covered strawberry with a hint of almond truffle.

    I used enjoy life chocolate chips instead of probiotic chocolate, which was still pretty great! I messed up the consistency by subbing in some almond flour, due to a lack of enough almonds. Way not thick enough! So I added some walnuts and pecans, which helped… But it still ended up being a bit too runny. So I let the mix sit in the fridge a bit before rolling into balls, and am storing them in the freezer to keep them firm.

    Other than that, I LOVE these! I’m gonna try them again as soon as I have enough almonds to do it right :)

    Thanks for sharing this amazing recipe!!

  3. mira says

    After you boil or steam beets the skin slides off. I do it under running water. It is way less work and much less messy. I love eating beets and prefer to minimize the lovely color all over me and everything else. Also improves presentation (other than puree or roast) because no matter how careful I am they just don’t look as good peeled first. Yes! Beets are perfect coloring for red velvet cake. I am not a picky eater and yet can not bring myself to pour a bottle of red dye into food I make. Am always surprised that people baking from scratch (and blending and grinding and pureeing) wouldnt go the extra step. Beets are so easy to make. I am delighted that you use them and agree that your recipes are refreshingly unique.


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