Eating Healthy Can Be Easy (Spatchcocked Chicken)

I’m blogging over at The Balanced Platter today about some easy tips to keep eating healthy. Eating healthy can still be doable, even after that initial “I’m gonna change my diet and be healthy!” push you made at the start of the new year has long since fizzled. Along with some ways to make cooking and eating whole, healthy, unprocessed foods a bit easier, I’m also sharing a technique for roasting chicken that I’m sure you’ll love – spatchcocking. This technique can make roasting a whole chicken a weeknight event, and can make it taste better than any other method I’ve tried! (Roast chicken is definitely a wonderful way to your lover’s heart, too, so why not try it tonight for Valentine’s Day dinner?)

Head on over to The Balanced Platter to find out how to whip up a delectable roast chicken!

This post is linked to Gluten-Free Virtual Support Group at Gluten-Free Easily.



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