A Gluten-Free Holiday: Healthier Through The Holidays

It’s officially Week 1 of A Gluten-Free Holiday! This week, we’re sharing tips, recipes, and ideas on how to stay healthy through the hectic and sometimes stressful holiday season. Over at Simply Sugar and Gluten-Free, Amy is giving away two copies of her new cookbook, Simply Sugar and Gluten-Free. She also has some amazing tips for healthier eating throughout the holidays.

My main focus this holiday season to stay healthy? I am planning my indulgences. My still-sensitive digestive system (much less my waistline) can’t handle two months of free-for-all indulgences in sweets, starches, and heavy, carbohydrate-laden foods. Will I abstain completely from these things? Of course not – it is the holidays, after all. However, I will pick and choose mindfully when I wish to enjoy a treat (it will still be gluten and dairy-free regardless), and will make a point to sit down and truly enjoy that treat. The rest of the time, I plan to stick with meal planning as much as possible, so I can ensure I keep up my intake of green veggies and nourishing foods.

I have a number of other healthy tips for the holiday season here.

Do you have tips for a healthier holiday season? Do you want to enter for a chance to win Amy’s new book? Visit Simply Sugar and Gluten-Free and share your tips! And don’t forget to check back next week for Thanksgiving Favorites, hosted by Cook It Allergy Free.


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    I am with you on my waistline not being able to put up with these holidays goodies facing us at every turn. I am focusing on trying to not be too naughty this season because I feel so draggy otherwise. But I will let myself have a few special treats too! šŸ˜‰

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    I’m with you Alta! I will pick and choose and plan ahead to make sure there’s something delicious I can eat. This was I won’t fall off the wagon into a pool of refined sugar :)

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    I certainly agree with you! Who can endure two months of overindulgence without seriously struggling to recover in January? Many do, if the parking lots at the health & fitness gyms are any clue, but how many miles does one have to run to lose all the extra goodies?


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