A Gluten-Free Holiday and a Menu Plan for October 24-28

The holidays are just around the corner once again, and once again, we are sharing Gluten-Free Holiday recipes and ideas every Thursday throughout November and December.

After all, everyone wants to enjoy the holidays and share with family and friends and not have to worry about whether a recipe will turn out when making it gluten-free. What I love the most about this event, however, is that it’s not just the 6 bloggers hosting that will be providing recipes – it’s all of you as well! There are so many innovative ways to go about celebrating the holiday season, and I love seeing what everyone creates to share with family and friends.

What you’ll love the most? The giveaways! Yes, we will be giving away prizes each week of this event as well.

Check out the schedule over at Simply Sugar and Gluten-Free, and start brainstorming some great recipes to share!

What’s cooking at the Tasty Eats At Home household this week? I have yet another menu plan. Fall flavors are creeping into my menu more and more each week. This time of year, I get a little winter squash crazy. I buy up butternuts, pumpkins, kabochas, acorn squashes, and just about anything else I can find. It’s like I’m a squirrel trying to store nuts for the winter – only I hoard winter squash. I love it – it’s rich in flavor and naturally sweet, and so versatile. I thrive on finding innovative ways to use it. For example, check out this breakfast porridge made from acorn squash. I made some last week and it was a dream, and a wonderful change of pace from my usual breakfast routine. (And no, it wasn’t on the menu plan, but I took the opportunity to use up leftover acorn squash from dinner one night!) It replaces oatmeal as a filling, warm breakfast. Next on my winter squash list? A version of these pumpkin chocolate chip bars. Yum.


Breakfast: acorn squash breakfast porridge with a few pecans on top

Lunch: leftover pulled pork with coffee-molasses BBQ sauce (made Sunday night), fresh black-eyed peas, sauteed patty-pan squash, steamed kale

Dinner: (working late, so dinner must be quick!) sirloin steak, baked sweet potato, steamed broccoli


Breakfast: leftover pulled pork, avocado and tomato slices

Lunch: meatballs (threw leftovers from last week in the freezer), broccoli

Dinner: out or leftovers – I have two soccer games


Breakfast: smoothie with spinach, avocado, chocolate protein powder, handful of nuts

Lunch: chili (from freezer) or tuna salad with cucumbers

Dinner: pumpkin spice chicken cacciatore, steamed cauliflower, asparagus with lemon zest (sans parmesan)


Breakfast: hard-boiled eggs, cucumber salad or sauteed spinach

Lunch: leftover chicken cacciatore, cauliflower, asparagus

Dinner: roasted chicken with sambhar masala (from Kurry King – this is our FAVORITE spice blend), tomato salad, roasted acorn squash


Breakfast: smoothie with spinach, mango, coconut milk, and protein powder, handful of nuts

Lunch: leftover roasted chicken, tomato salad, squash

Dinner: Buffalo chicken wings, carrots, celery, and dairy-free ranch dressing (working on this recipe!)

 This post is linked to Gluten-Free Menu Swap at Celiac Family.


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    So glad you joined us for the GF Menu Swap this week! I need to check out your recipes for squash. I’m not as squash crazy as you are, but maybe you’ve got some recipes that would change that. :)
    I’m looking forward to the Gluten-Free Holidays this year, too. Can’t believe it’s time for it already!


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