Dallas Gluten & Allergen-Free Expo, plus a Meal Plan for 9/26-9/30

This coming weekend, I will be speaking at the public forum at the Gluten & Allergen-Free Expo here in Dallas. This is a great event with many amazing vendors, speakers, and even cooking and baking classes from talented people such as Amy of Simply Sugar & Gluten-Free, Carol of Simply…Gluten-Free, Silvana of Silvana’s Kitchen, and Cybele Pascal. There will also be an author table where you can meet some amazing gluten-free authors! I will be speaking about reducing cross-contamination (of gluten) in the home when not everyone in the house is gluten-free. Here are some additional details about the Vendor Fair, and information about the Cooking Classes.

WHEN: Vendor Fair and Classes Saturday-Sunday, October 1-2
WHERE: The Westin Park Central, 12720 Merit Drive, Dallas, Texas 75251
For more information and to purchase tickets: www.gfafexpo.com

I hope to see you there!

I also have managed to squeak out a meal plan this week. Somehow, it just seemed like the weekend flew by, and I didn’t accomplish as much as I’d hoped. (Isn’t that the way things always work?) So who knows if we’ll eat according to the plan (I may switch things around some from day to day, but hey, it’s my plan, and I can do what I want!), but at least it’s a start and a way to make sure we use up all of the great produce I snagged at the farmer’s market this weekend.


Breakfast: hard-boiled eggs, apple (there were organic Granny Smith apples at the farmer’s market!)

Lunch: leftover meatloaf (my meatloaf recipe will be in my cookbook!), steamed broccoli

Dinner: grilled grass-fed strip steak, stuffed squash from Lexie’s Kitchen, and a garden salad


Breakfast: smoothie with spinach, apple, cucumber and protein powder

Lunch: leftover stuffed squash, salad

Dinner: tuna with lemon juice and parsley, green beans or baby carrots (I have soccer games, so dinner is super-quick!)


Breakfast: hard-boiled eggs, apple, maybe some baby carrots or celery

Lunch: out – I’ll be at a conference, and since the hotel doesn’t really “get” gluten and dairy-free, I’ll likely eat a dry salad, and bring some homemade beef jerky, nuts, and a LARA bar in my purse to get me by.

Dinner: shepherd’s pie with pumpkin souffle topping (This is the second attempt. I was so excited about the results last week that I’m making it again with a minor tweak on seasoning. Then it’ll be blog-ready!), steamed kale


Breakfast: smoothie with spinach, banana, blueberries, and protein powder

Lunch: leftover shepherd’s pie, leftover kale

Dinner: pan-grilled beef heart, simmered carrots with honey, roasted eggplant (Yes, beef heart! I’m a big fan of offal – love me some liver and onions. Beef heart is actually much milder than liver, so if you’re new to offal, try it. Seared in a skillet and left medium-rare, it’s so delicious. I found some beef heart from a local organic ranch – so I’m excited about it! Mark at Mark’s Daily Apple has a great post on the health benefits of offal and some good ways to sneak it into your diet.)


Breakfast: hard-boiled eggs, leftover eggplant, sauteed spinach

Lunch: leftover beef heart and carrots

Dinner: taco salad with guacamole


What are your feelings on offal? Do you enjoy it?

Have a great week everyone!


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