Adopt a Gluten-Free Blogger: Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen

This month I adopted one of my favorite gluten-free bloggers – Tom and Ali of Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen. Their blog is full of delicious gluten-free healthy options, many of them also vegetarian/vegan and dairy-free. I also happen to own their cookbook,  which also happens to be one of my favorites. When it came time to pick my “adoptee” for Adopt A Gluten-Free Blogger this month, I figured I was way overdue to actually blog about their wonderful recipes.

When browsing the recipes on their site, I happened to come across a wild rice dressing recipe that caught my attention. While it is after Thanksgiving, I actually gave away all of my turkey leftovers this year to family members. Lucky for me, I bought an extra turkey, and so this past Sunday, we had Thanksgiving 2.0 at our home, just so I could then make delicious recipes with the leftover meat. But I didn’t want an exact duplicate of our Thanksgiving dinner – and so this wild rice dressing was just the thing. I halved the recipe (which still made quite a lot!), and opted to simply bake it all in a casserole dish. It came out so beautifully – I love the nuttiness of the rice, the crunch of the pecans, and the sweetness of the apple and cranberries. I could eat it for breakfast – no joke. It was that good.

Not that it’s any surprise – every recipe I’ve tried from Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen has been good! Ali and Tom share amazing raw “caramel” apple dip that would make any kid (and adult) smile. Their nori rolls are a great way to enjoy a light and healthy lunch. If you haven’t checked out Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen, I highly suggest insist that you visit. You won’t be sorry!


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    What a great stuffing and adoption, Alta! Ali and Tom are both so great. Their recipes and guidance help so many!

    Thanksgiving 2.0 … love that. :-) We need one of those as we ate at MIL’s and didn’t get any leftovers this year either. 😉


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    You picked a great couple to adopt, Alta. I have their cookbook and love it, too. Meeting them in person, they glow with health and energy and their children are just gorgeous. Seeing is believing in my book and proves how their recipes and healthy eating advice works for them in real life.

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    Hey Alta – I love Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen and have thought about adopting them too! I’ve tried quite a few of their recipes and have loved every one (yummy teff pancakes for instance!). I just WON their cookbook thanks to the Gluten-Free holiday! Can’t wait to dig in and check it out. Thanks for sharing this recipe too.

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    –Nice dressing.
    I love combining wild rice with nuts/fruit/cheese and tossing with a vinaigrette and serving in endive spears~ adds a little bit of crunch to the holiday party assortment.


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