Adopt a Gluten-Free Blogger: Simply…Gluten-Free

This month, I chose Carol of Simply…Gluten-Free for Adopt a Gluten-Free Blogger. Carol has an amazing talent – for food AND photography. I am a regular reader of her blog, and she always manages to post things that make my mouth water. So much so, many times, that I’ve actually prepared several of her recipes in the past. For example, I consulted her blog when I needed to make croquembouche. Her slow-roasted salmon is the easiest and tastiest salmon I’ve made. Before I went dairy and corn-free, I made her polenta pot pies, and oh my, were they tasty! And I actually prepared her chicken piccata for this Adopt a Gluten-Free Blogger, but by the time it was ready, the sun had set, and the photography gods were not with me. So I used that as an excuse to whip up one more recipe, one I’d really been drooling over – her pistachio cookies.

I love pistachios. In a big way. So when I saw these cookies, and read how easy they were to make, I knew I had to make them. I’m glad I did, because they’re a chewy, not-to-sweet, green delight! I can see these gracing a Christmas cookie platter soon – they’re not the flashiest cookie, but then again, I was never into flashy. I’m all about flavor over fancy. These babies certainly deliver.

So if you haven’t already become familiar with Carol over at Simply…Gluten-Free, check out her blog! Next recipe on my list from Simply…Gluten-Free: pistachio gelato. Definitely digging the green theme.


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    “The photography gods were not with me.” Love that! I know how that goes… Of course, I love Carol’s blog, but I’ve never actually made any of her recipes. I think it’s about time I did something about that.

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    Why are the photography gods so harsh sometimes?
    Love the pics of the cookies. I’ve never tried a pistachio cookie! Will have to put it on my list. I’m new to Carol’s blog and I love her recipes, her pics and her voice!


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