Adopt a Gluten-Free Blogger: Celiacs in the House

I don’t know why I’ve missed the “Adopt a Gluten-Free Blogger” events for the past few months. I’m regretting that I haven’t participated. It’s fun, and it’s an excellent opportunity to try out gluten-free recipes from my gluten-free blogger friends that I have been meaning to make for what seems like forever. I think somehow, it’s just slipped from my mind for a while. This month, I decided that I’d change all that.

Sea at Book of Yum was the original creator of this event. It continues to be a wonderful opportunity for those of us that blog gluten-free. Shirley at Gluten-Free Easily is hosting the Adopt a Gluten-Free Blogger event this month, and she will have a roundup of all of the recipes in early September. Be sure to check it out!

I adopted a new-to-me blog this month – Celiacs in the House. Wendy, the author, writes about everything gluten-free, from new packaged goods to recipes to everything in between. She and her two teens have celiac disease, and so they follow a gluten-free diet. Wendy recently took a new look at her eating and lifestyle habits and blogged about a journey she took to become healthier as she approached the big 5-0. (Read more about her journey here.) I’ve only recently begun reading Wendy’s blog, but I’m hooked – Celiacs in the House is a delight to read.

As I was reading through numerous posts, I came across one recipe that stood out to me – a chickpea, zucchini and quinoa salad recipe. It’d been a while since I prepared quinoa, and so I opted to try Wendy’s salad. I decided to substitute pecans for the chickpeas, as chickpeas and I just don’t get along. Otherwise, I followed the rest of the recipe exactly – even adding some shredded carrot along with the zucchini as Wendy suggested. It was a delicious salad. The dressing was sweet, but had a bit of bite from the ground chipotle chile powder. I enjoyed more than my fair share for dinner last night, and then had a generous helping for lunch today. I think I could definitely incorporate this salad into my lunches on a routine basis. Can’t wait to see what else comes out of Wendy’s kitchen.

Visit Celiacs in the House to check out the recipe for this quinoa salad, and while you’re there, be sure to browse around and get to know Wendy a bit. You might just find a few more ideas for delicious gluten-free munching!


  1. cinnamonquill says

    Ooo, this is really pretty, and I love how you served it. Another good way to use up zucchini…I need lots of such recipes lately :)

  2. says

    Great adoption post, Alta! I’m so glad you joined in this month. :-) Wendy is certainly one of my favorites. Getting to spend time with her here at IFBC is a pure delight!

    As much as I love chickpeas, I also like the idea of pecans in this recipe. Sweeter dressing with a bit of a chipotle bite sounds good to me. 😉 Last, your photo is amazing!



  3. says

    Yay, and now I know Wendy (winning photographer that she is)! This looks delicious. I must take the time to figure out some of these events. I stumble upon them periodically and it always looks like you’re having so much fun, not to mention the wonderful collection of recipes. Great post!

  4. says

    I love Quinoa! I recently discovered it for the first time looking for healthy recipes. I mixed in black beans, grilled corn, onion, cilantro, and dressed it with a lime vinaigrette. Amazing stuff. I love the nuttiness that Quinoa brings to the plate.

  5. says

    Alta! You did a great adoption post! I know that, for me too, this is such a perfect time to get around to making all of our blogger friend’s recipes since we are often busy with working on our own.
    Wendy’s recipe looks wonderful! I am so hooked on quinoa and I am always looking for new ways to try it. Amy did a great justice to your recipe as well, so it looks like I have two new great quinoa recipes to try out! Yay!


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