We Have Met The Enemy and He Likes Parsley

When watering the garden this evening, I discovered an invader. My parsley hasn’t been thriving as well as it did last year, and this guy is to blame. (Well, he and his brothers/sisters.) He (or she) is the third caterpillar I’ve plucked from my garden, and by far the largest – about two inches long. After we enjoyed a photo shoot, I moved him far away from my garden. As much I know that he’ll one day become a beautiful butterfly (He is a black swallowtail caterpillar), I would prefer that doesn’t happen at the expense of my garden. Quite a gorgeous caterpillar though – I’m used to the boring green ones, so I was a bit excited to find him!


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    Tough choice – lose your parsley or lose a Swallowtail. Better you than me ;-). No beautiful predators in my garden yet. Except the Bermuda grass that wants to take over… grrrr.

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    Alta – they ate all of my parsley last year!!! I’m not kidding. It didn’t matter what I did. Obviously, I didn’t poison them with chemical. I tried moving them, but it seemed they came back in swarms. I had at least twelve of them.

    I resigned myself to just buying parsley at the store and enjoyed watching the little guys munch away. They became our little outdoor pets.

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    A gorgeous caterpillar, am sure he/ she’ll be a beautiful butterfly. Its a pity it ate your parsley but at least you got a lovely picture for it. :)

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    Nice! I have a love/hate relationship with the caterpillars too. I haven’t seen this guy on my parsley yet luckily. Last year we had so many tomato hornworm caterpillars, which turn into hummingbird moths. And I like watching the hummingbird moths. But about halfway through the summer I got sick of them eating my tomatoes and started tossing the caterpillars to my chickens – it comforted me a little bit to know their death was providing good protein for the girls and ultimately me with their eggs. So goes the circle of life!

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