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I realized the other day that I haven’t been all that vocal about my new source of fresh produce. Amy at Simply Sugar and Gluten Free, a food blogger friend of mine, turned me on to a local farm that was looking for CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) members. So this spring, I signed up with Squeezepenny Sustainable Farm in McKinney, Texas. This share, shown in the picture, is the fourth out of 6 shares I’ll receive from the farm. (I’m about to sign up to continue my next 6 shares!) This week, I happily carried home the following locally, sustainably raised items:



Swiss Chard

Yellow Summer Squash

Red and Yellow Onions


Pickling Cucumbers






(In past shares, I’ve also received a variety of lettuces, kale, mizuna, celery, carrots, peaches, and a variety of herbs.) I love receiving our shares – it’s an adventure of sorts, really. I pick it up while visiting the farmers market on Saturday mornings, and then work to incorporate those vegetables and fruits into our weekly meals. I’ve already prepared the swiss chard – I simply sauteed chopped leaves and stems in a bit of olive oil, and tossed in some dried cranberries (soaked in hot water) and a handful of toasted, slivered almonds. I plan to make ratatouille later in the week to use some of the zucchini and eggplant. The blueberries will likely be snacked on for breakfast by yours truly. I never usually make “plans” for garlic and onions – they’re used so much in our everyday cooking that they’re always welcome. I will likely cook the okra along with some jalapenos in a similar manner to this recipe, and who knows, the yellow squash might become a dairy-free version of a recipe I’ve tried at Pinch My Salt, along with the dill. As for the rest, I’m sure it will be incorporated into salads and other recipes. What always remains the same? The produce from this CSA couldn’t be fresher or more delicious.

Interested in finding out whether there is an opportunity near you to join a CSA? Check out Local Harvest and search!


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    It looks great. We’ve been in a CSA for a few years but I have to admit that I am usually challenged when mounds of eggplant and okra start rolling in. I’m going to check out your recipe. BTW – the okra photo at the top of your blog looks great.

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    That looks like an absolutely wonderful grouping of veggies! It’s great to get inspiration from what’s fresh and available. Can’t wait to see or hear about what else you make this week. I think I’d have a very hard time using up that much for the two of us, but it would be fun to split with someone else to give it a try. :-)


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    That looks So much like my CSA box from last week (minus the okra! I had green beans instead!!) I keep meaning to post them each week!! Isn’t it wonderful to have all this fresh produce in the kitchen! I love our local farms!

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    I keep meaning to find out how I can get my family signed up for a weekly CSA box! It would require a trip to the farmers market, which I would LOVE to do, but haven’t can’t seem to go without having to take my little ones and they make the trip harder! My co-op doesn’t do the CSAs, but maybe I’ll ask them if they could coordinate something like this. Yummy and so inspiring. I”m sure getting a CSA box would force me to try new recipes and that would be a good thing!

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    Alta — you know how I feel about CSA produce! Congratulations for jumping on the bandwagon! I love the whole concept for a variety of reasons, most of all the healthy, farm-fresh flavor of the food. My CSA delivery just started last week (we’re behind in our growing season out here in Colorado) and it’s pretty much all greens right now (spinach, lettuce, kale, etc.). I’m not complaining though as the quality is beyond good. Plus, you’re supporting the local economy. This is my 4th year doing this and I couldn’t be happier.

    Peace, love and farm-fresh veggies!

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    Oh my goodness I’m going to join! That is amazing. I have my own little garden but this is the first season I have had one so my veggies are pretty slim. It would be wonderful to be apart of this!


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