North Texas: Winter Wonderland

No recipe today. Just wanted to share, in case you haven’t heard, the Dallas area received about a foot of snow between yesterday and today. This is more snow than I’ve ever seen here. (I’ve lived here my whole life) I know, for those of you in northern climates (especially on the East coast!), this is a regular occurrence. For Texans, it’s an incredible sight to see. It won’t last for long, and I may be a grandmother before it snows like this again, so I might as well capture memories as I can! Enjoy.

rosemary in our back yard





  1. says

    I’m jealous! I’m too far south! We only got a little bit of sleet last night! :-(

    My grandmother is the DFW area and she said this is the most snow that she’s seen her whole life! :-) I think its a record isn’t it for Dallas? Craziness!

  2. nutmegnanny says

    I have a friend that works in Richardson and sent me a picture of the snow from her office window. I was shocked! Your pictures are beautiful by the way :)

  3. foododelmundo says

    Oh what fun to experience snow through the eyes of those that never get any – ever. ENJOY it while it lasts and thank you for making me appreciate it! ~Mary

  4. says

    Wonderful pics and a nice respite from the rest of my day. I got out and took some shots early and midday. Have been playing with them for the better part of the afternoon. Love snow pics and I agree – the rosemary pic is my favorite! Great job on all of the photos!

  5. says

    Gorgeous! I’ve been getting snow every day but none of it has really stuck, so we haven’t seen such a pretty winter yet – and I def. would have never imagined that kind of snow in TX!

  6. says

    I’m sure the inhabitants of the areas where snow is a frequent occurrence won’t agree with me, but I love this, there’s something so magical about snow. And it’s even more especial when you’re not used to it. I envy you right now. Enjoy it!

  7. says

    Wow! Your kids must be loving the snowfall. When we get a dump of snow like this, my kids are quite happy to be sledding every hour of the day (except the times when they’re drinking hot chocolate).

  8. Vegetable Matter says

    Beautiful pics. My boys are so jealous imagining all the snowball fights, snowmen and sledding you’re probably doing right now. They just don’t understand, though, that you can’t do those things in shorts and flip flops which they insist on wearing even in the coldest (Houston) weather. Stay warm!

  9. says

    It looks like late October ;D. Its odd for me with this “snowmageddon” thing, as we can get a foot (or three) in a night. Regardless, I’m so glad you got to experience the snow! It is most definitely a beautiful thing.

  10. says

    Beautiful shots, Alta! It’s so nice when it’s fresh and new. Now, it’ s not so pretty. LOL Maybe more this week. I was amazed when I heard on the NBC news that 49 states had measurable snow on the ground though. All except Hawaii.

    Bet the kids love it … enjoy!


  11. says

    Beautiful. We never had that much snow when I lived there. Hail and ice storms, yes, but not a foot of snow. How fun! We got record snow fall in Virginia this year, too.

  12. says

    Alta I love your snow pictures! It sure was fun while it lasted eh? I can’t believe we got over a foot of snow, I’ve never seen so much snow in Texas for the 17 years I’ve lived here. Beautiful post :)


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