Pan-Fried Trout and Winner of Giveaway!


For the past few days, I have truly been craving fish. This is a rarity for me, not because I don’t enjoy fish. I do. But I don’t usually seek it out. In all honesty, we don’t consume as much fish as we probably should, even. So I opted to go outside of the “planned”…

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Salmon Cilantro Burgers


So the other day, I’m flipping through my magazines and, looking for easy weeknight dinners. (This is a recurring theme on the weekend for me, just prior to the weekly grocery trip.) I came across this recipe. A recipe that for whatever reason, I would normally pass by without a second glance. What made me pause…

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Sautéed Fresh Okra with Jalapeños


In case you haven’t already guessed, I am a native Texan. Born and raised. However, my parents are not. My mother spent most of her childhood in Washington, Montana, and Colorado, and my father grew up in the Denver area. No offense to them, but they have never truly understood the delight of certain southern…

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