Kids in the Kitchen: Grilled Citrus Teriyaki Shrimp Kabobs

Food 1658

Before I start on talking about the kids or shrimp kabobs, I have to tell you… I won an award! Kelly at Evil Shenanigans so graciously shared the Premio Meme Award with me! Thank you Kelly! Along with this award, I am to tell you seven things about my personality, and then pass the award on to seven…

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Devil’s Food White-Out Cake


This year, for each of our kids’ birthdays, I will bake a cake. Not just a cake-in-a-box, with store-bought icing, no, no, no. I must step outside of my comfort zone in the kitchen, and *gasp* actually bake. Baking, to me, is scary. You have to measure. You have to follow steps. I know that experienced…

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